Vaginal ( intimate ) Rejuvenation in Yerevan, Armenia

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a cosmetic tightening by surgery. Many women after 2 or 3 childbirth will observe some loosening of the vagina. It may be even visible with the vaginal having a triangular opening rather than being a vertical slot, as it was before. Some women observe that they do not feel as tight during sex and often worry that their partners also feels this.

Often it is said that vaginal muscle is' stretched. However, muscle in the wall of the vagina is arranged lengthwise (up and down) not circularly and it does not really stretch to be 'wider'. There is however, fibrous tissue that goes around the vagina and once stretched, this is constant.

Perineal body - strong fibrous tissue between the anus and vagina - gives strength to the posterior (back) wall. Perineal body is often damaged in childbirth with gap or an episiotomy. Reduction of the perineum gives support and narrows the vaginal opening.

Kegel exercises for pelvic floor may be of benefit for stress incontinence or even to prevent prolapse but they do not tighten the vagina.

Walls of the vagina may be so weakened that there is prolapse of bladder backwards inside vagina and / or prolapse forward of the rectum into the vagina. Though this is a related surgery - if you have these matters you should consult your Gynecologist.

It has been said that a woman's orgasm comes 95% from her head and 5% from clitoris. A tighter vagina did not get a reference. On the other hand, it could be considered that the penis is too 'small'. If you bother that, your partner does not get the same satisfaction from sex - that may be true. However, it would seem that overall men with smaller / thinner penises still get the same enjoyment from sex.

However, like all cosmetic procedure, this one also performed for your comfort and confident in your body. You will observe the tightness. Moreover, if you feel yourself better and more confident, sexier, of course your sexual experience will improve.

Procedure of Vaginal Rejuvenation in Yerevan.

Plastic surgeons of Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter in cooperation with gynecologist perform the procedure as a day case under a combination of IV sedation and local anesthetic. A Pudendal block is used to give pain relief for up to 24 hrs. Luckily, vaginal tightening is not painful.

Whole procedure takes about 1 hour and you will stay in clinic for about 3 - 4 hours.

Skin will be removed from posterior wall and opening of the vagina. It will be closed by dissolving sutures. Removable or dissolvable pack will be placed inside at the end of manipulation.

You will also be able to have other cosmetic vaginal surgeries such as inner and outer labia reduction in Yerevan, Armenia. The outer labia filling or augmentation of G-spot at the same time.