The increase of the G-spot (G-Shot) in Yerevan, Armenia

"G-Shot" in Yerevan, Armenia used for G-spot augmentation with a collagen filler injection, which is performed in the office. G-Shot ensures a nice enhancement of the most sensitive spot on the vaginal wall. Many of the nerve endings related with sexual pleasure are concentrated in the clitoris and G-spot. Some women do not feel much sensation in the G-spot while others find that it is a very sensitive zone. G-Shot works best in women who already felt heightened sensation in the G-spot zone. Increasing the volume and prominence of this zone on the vaginal wall improves sensation and rise its stimulation under sexual intercourse.

How does the G-Shot work ?

We fully realize that it's a little frightening and awkward for a patient to discuss these manipulations during a consult. Patients have a many questions about manipulations like G-Shot, or for that matter, anything to do with sexual aesthetics & vaginal rejuvenation, but they're frequently shy to inquire. We've worked very stubbornly to make this event as comfortable and not intimidating as feasible. Frequently, for manipulations like this is better to assign the consult and the manipulation on the same day. This assumes only one trip to the doctor! This assumes just one quick consultation about manipulation and what results the patient is trying to reach, then a little anesthesia, a little G-Shot, and she may go home after an hour! In other words, it is an injection of filler into the G-spot.

Use of Fillers For The G-Shot

We ordinarily use Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm in Yerevan, Armenia but we have fulfilled a number of G-Shots by transferring the patient's own fat into G-spot zone. Both of these fillers (fat and hyaluronic acid, or HA) have their benefit and shortcomings. The hyaluronic acid G-Shot is the simplest of in-office improvements which duration is only a few minutes. You can easily leave the office in 20-30 minutes and the HA improvement can last 9 months or longer. An injection with HA can also be repeated months later for further sexual betterment without any risk of scar tissue formation or other side effects. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally towards component of the human body and the results of an HA G-Shot actually improve with time as the HA absorbs water generating extra prominence of the G-spot.

Using Patient's Own Purified Fat For A G-Shot

Implementation a G-Shot with the patient's fat takes a few extra minutes as compared to HA but the results are great. Improvement with using the patient's own fat will also last 9 months or longer (often becoming permanent) and it can be repeated to improve the desirable effect. Another plus of using fat is that it can readily be combined with other manipulations. If we are performing liposuction of other zones why not transfer some of the fat to the G-spot to perfect sexual satisfaction? The G-shot only require a few cc's of fat (1-5cc) but within a typical fat-harvesting procedure we remove 20-30cc of fat. We name this fat "liquid gold" as it is patient's own fat, thick in tissue factors and stem cells, and it can be used to increase multiple zones of the body including the G-spot, facial lines & lips, the labia minora and labia majora, and also for rejuvenation of the hands.

To repeat, the G-shot is a short, simple, pain-free, in-office manipulation which can be fulfilled right on the consultation day. Patients will frequently feel heightened sensation subsequently with very few, if any, complications or risks.