Following Vaginal Rejuvenation Manipulation

After manipulation, it is normal to feel some discomfort, bruising, swelling and discharge / ooze. Painkillers drugs (supplied or 'over the counter) should be sufficient. For more severe pain, contact the office. To help your intestine work correctly, use lots of water, soup, vegetables and fruits.

Cotton underwear is more preferable than G-string. It is preferable to use sanitary pads for a few weeks. You can use icepacks on the area on and off for the first two days.

Excretion generally will initially be blood stained then become creamy, perhaps for a few weeks. Following 7 -10 days there may be some 'old blood' -brown and thin excretion for a few days. This is normal decay of blood products. If excretion develops a nasty smell, immediately contact Dr. Karen Danielyan or our Yerevan office.

You should take it easy for the first week. You can take bath or shower. Any activity, which demand straining i.e. vigorous exercise, vacuuming, lifting, should be avoided for 4 - 6 weeks. Proceed gradually and within your comfort level.

Many people prefer to wait 6 weeks for sex. After 4 weeks, you may try gentle digital stretching by using a lubricant. A lot of women prefer to use a small well lubricated dilator before having sex. Tampons must be avoided in the first six weeks.