3D modeling

The leading and innovative Vectra 3D imaging modeling system in Yerevan, Armenia

See Your Surgery Results BEFORE Surgery!

Many people are interested in undergoing facial plastic surgery, such as a rhinoplasty, chin correction, facelift, brow-lift, laser skin resurfacing, fat transfer, and eyelid rejuvenation, but are hesitant because they are unsure of the results after the procedure. Imagine if you could see the results of your surgical procedure before you enter the operating room. At Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & MedSpa, we offer 3D imaging with an advanced system (made in the USA) that allows patients to communicate their desires more effectively during the consultation and determine if a particular procedure will achieve results that meet their aesthetic goals.

Three-Dimensional Imaging System in Yerevan, Armenia

With Vectra 3D modeling System, the plastic surgeon of Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter can simulate proposed before and after images of your desired surgery. Six high-resolution 36-megapixel color cameras capture detailed photographs of you from different angles, after which the VECTRA system combines the images taken, to create a fully rotatable 3-D image of your face and neck. Advanced computer software analyzes the images and simulates the corrections that are possible with facial plastic surgery.

A More Comprehensive Beauty Plan

Our state-of-the-art imaging system allows you and our plastic surgeons the opportunity to have a shared visual understanding of your beauty goals in order to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve the set goals. Our 3D modeling System displays a visual image of the desired changes you describe to the doctor, and this image lets you confirm that the result of those changes align with your aesthetic goals. This also grants the plastic surgeon the ability to provide specific recommendations for the patient’s circumstances to achieve the particular appearance he or she desires. Since each person ages differently and has distinct physical features, the plastic surgeon uses an individualized technique to correct signs of aging, and the VECTRA M3 helps demonstrate the possible results of your surgery.

Can I obtain 3-D modeling results if I send a photo by email?

No, unfortunetely not.

Vectra 3D modeling is a unique real 3-dimensional system that no other system an rival in quality and capability. It takes 6 digital photographs from 6 different angles simultaneusly and creates proportional high resolution 3-dimensional images. These images can rotated fully, allowing you to view the final results of the surgery from multiple angles. During consultation you may discuss the results and choose the final appearance from the different outcomes.

What is VECTRA M3?

 • Made in the USA advanced 3D imaging technology for face

 • Fast, high quality image capture

 • Sculptor simulation software for both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic   procedures

 • Powerful patient education tools

 • Extensive measurements, analysis and documentation tools

Benefits for the Patient

 • Allows patients to visualize their potential results prior to having surgery

 • Personalizes before and after photos

 • Increases patient accountability by involving patients in chin implant size    selection and outcomes

 • Helps minimize surgical revisions

 • Enhances patient/surgeon relationship

 • Acts as a powerful educational tool

For more information about VECTRA® 3D imaging, or to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeons, please contact our office today.