"Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & Medspa" clinic is located in the health resort town of Kotayk Region. The establishment was built in 1932. It was originally a sanatorium, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union the architecturally significant constitution became inoperative and lost its function.

In September 2015 "Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & Medspa" gave a new beginning to the Resort and re-opened its doors in the most perfect, comfortable and luxurious appearance, and the most importantly, with it re-opened with its ecological environment.

Natural materials are mainly used for the building restoration, like stone, wood, and glass. Tuff is used in the yard of the clinic to replace the asphalt. The communal expenses are solved by rain water. Solar panels provide hot water and electricity.

An air filtration system is operated in the clinic which provides both inner clean air, and sterile surgical area to the maximum extent. In order to prevent the possible nosocomial infections, the surgical instruments and accessories are disposable and sensorial faucets are utilized. The medical equipment, and medications are in high quality, therefore the post-operative vomiting, and the risk of bruises around the eyes are minimized. Postoperative care and prevention of complications of plastic surgery are made in accordance with the requirements of the US Nursing Associations.

We Call Us Eco-Friendly ?

1. The Surgicenter is situated in the former Children's Sanatorium built in 1932 from the limestone, which has the least radiation level among stones. The building was carefully renovated using natural materials with minimum use of concrete and artificial polymers.

2. All paints and materials used for the walls and floors are made from natural minerals, do not have specific odors, and are save for the patient life.

3. All the linen and towels are made of cotton. We use high quality hypoallergic detergents for laundary and cleansing.

4. 100% of hot water for domestic use, laundry and floor heating comes from solar waterheating panels. We get 80% of electricity for lighting from solar photovoltaic panels.

5. We use LED for indoor and outdoor lighting, which use 10 times less energy and last up to 10 years.

6. We've abandoned the use of asphalt. All road surfaces for vehicles and pedestrians, are made of natural stone.

7. The water we collect from rooftops and roadsurfaces is used for sewing and irrigation.

8. We have planted more than 500 trees in the area of the Surgicenter and its surroundings, thereby contributing to the fight against the greenhouse effect.

9. Patients are provided with organic food made from local farm products. Preference is given to farmers who do not use chemicals and pesticides.