About rhinoplasty in Yerevan, Armenia

Rhinoplasty is a procedure of reshaping or changing size of your nose. Even slight asymmetry can make the face unattractive, it attracts unwanted attention and does not suit to facial appearance. That`s why many patients are not satisfied by the look of their nose.

Rhinoplasty in Armenia, Yerevan is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Karen Danielyan is a devoted rhinoplasty and revision nose surgery specialist who performs this difficult and highly specialized cosmetic nose procedure on a very regular basis.


# Operations Amount (drams)
1 Primary rhinoplasty 400 000 - 980 000
2 Secondary rhinoplasty 980 000 - 1 800 000

The nose is the main feature on the face and has its important role in one`s appearance. Nowday's nasal surgery techniques are directed on changing undesirable features of the nose and retaining attractive ones. The goal of nose surgery is to provide a pleasing and balanced shape to your nose giving a natural look that suits to the rest of your face.

There are "open" and "closed" surgical techniques. Open rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is performed by means of a small incision underneath the nasal tip, it will be nearly invisible after it heals. Closed rhinoplasty includes incisions that are made only within the nose. The technique that best suits to your nose is considered in detail during your visit to our clinic.

We can divide nose surgery into 2 categories: cosmetic and functional. Cosmetic procedures involve refining a bulbous nasal tip or reduction a prominent hump on the bridge. Cosmetic changes you can see outside the nose.

Cosmetic changes of the nose are inseparably connected to breathing. Patients who had cosmetic nose surgery say that they have difficulties with breathing through the nose then. The appearance and function are so related that it makes rhinoplasty the most challenging of facial plastic surgeries. For successful result you need skilled surgeons, professional specialists in both cosmetic enhancement of the nose and functional nasal surgery. You can find such professionals in Arzni Aestetica.

The most usual breathing problems are a deviated septum (a midline cartilage structure that divides the nose into right and left sides) and enlarged lower turbinates (hypertrophied rhinitis). Functional improvements include opening the nasal airways to make it easier to breathe.

Many patients have got both breathing and cosmetic problems with their nose. The problem can be in deviated septum that blocks nasal airway and the nose looks visibly crooked or has unattractive hump on the bridge. Correcting both problems at a time gives important advantages.

Patient's desires and nose shapes vary greatly. Recommendation about nasal surgery is individual for the particular patient's needs. In our clinic your problems will be reviewed to give you the best solution to your problems. During consultation you will be able to see 3D computer generated images of your features before and after surgery. This computer technology will give you a good chance to appreciate beforehand your appearance after surgery.

For more detailed information on nasal reshaping read our articles about rhinoplasty risks and rhinoplasty recovery. Please click here to visit our frequently asked questions or contact our office to schedule a consultation with our specialists.