What happens before surgery of the brow lift ?

You will have a preoperative meeting with your surgeon, it takes about 15-20 minutes. During the anamnesis doctor collects information about your past and present health, about any eye or facial surgeries you had in the past, including laser eye operation and any cosmetic non-operative procedures, for example, laser therapy or botox injections. It is very important provide Dr. Danielyan all information about eye problems: contact illnesses, dry eyes and other. The doctor should be informed about any used medications (including NSAID products such as Diclofenac, supplements, Aspirin, Nurofen), past operations or major illnesses, your dermatological history, do you smoke or not.

   Before the brow lift surgery we need to check your blood pressure, your heart and lungs will be examined by the anesthetist to determine whether general anesthetic is safe for you. May have to hand over analysis of a blood cell count or ECC. All acquired information helps detect all factors that can become potential complications during brow lift surgery and exclude them.

All questions are asked only for your own safety. Using your answers, doctor can prepare the surgery as thoroughly as possible. Please give full and honest answers. The information is totally confidential. Bring medications with you if you are not sure in the names.

   If necessary to stop taking some medications, you will be informed in the time of preoperational visit. For example, aspirin-containing medicines or anticoagulants may need temporary stop using. Not allowed use any anti-inflammatory medicines e.g. Ibuprofen, Nurofen, at least two weeks before operation. These preparations contribute to excessive bleeding. If you have hypertension, your blood pressure should be carefully controlled by preparations. It is of great importance.

Please, abstain from smoking, at least half year before surgery, if possible.