What happens after surgery brow lift ?

Over the eyes and forehead is placed pressure dressings for about half an hour to minimize postoperative swelling, on eyelid injuries are applied an antibiotic ointment. After an hour and half instead of dressing are imposed cool packs. For bleeding prevention activity is limited 2 weeks. After an endoscopic brow lift the dressings generally are placed over night till the morning. In 10-14 days seams or staples are removed in clinic.

After discharging from the clinic, you should follow the instructions: clean the eyelids very carefully by sterile saline or cooled boiled water and 3 times at day during 2 weeks apply antibiotic ointment on eyelids. Should be avoided the direct sunlight the skin around eyes or use protective sunglasses. Makeup is undesirable at least 2 weeks. After this period, advisable use mineral makeup.

Bruising completely pass after 2-3 weeks, the bigger part of swelling subsides after 3-4 weeks, usual. But these numbers can differ for various patients. At least 3-4 months the expected final result is not observed. These time bounds should be taken into account while planning the operation. If any surgical improvements are needed after operation, you should be available. Therefore the surgery should be organized after holidays or important events.

   The scars, turning into shallow white marks, inchmeal disappear. If eyelid is hidden into skin surplus, to eliminate this, an additional skin incision is required right under the brow tail.

   At first 2-3 weeks after operation desirable use preservative free eye drops, necessary often use artificial tears and ointment.

   Frequently is suggested use ointment every 2 hours for the first 48 hours following the operation. This leads to blurred vision. So you must not drive car during first few days.

You should sleep with head raised at 30 degrees.

Not allowed wear contact lenses for a few weeks.