Breast augmentation in Yerevan, Armenia

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed to recover damaged breasts or to provide woman more symmetric, larger breasts. Three are three different ways to insert implants: inframammary, through the nipple areola (periareolar) or through thearmit. Implants are located under pectoral muscles or breast tissue. The duration of the procedure that performed at Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter & Medspa in Armenia is 1 to two and half hours. Generally on the third day of operation patient has revision in our office at Yerevan. The healing normally takes from a month to six weeks.


# Operations Amount (drams)
1 Breast augmentation (no implants) 750 000 - 980 000

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation ?

List of reasons to perform this surgery may include:

1. If you feel your breasts are small or no proportional in relation to your body

2. If you wish recover lost symmetry of breasts

3. If you got shrunken breasts after loss of big amount of weight

4. If shape and size of your breasts has changed because of pregnancy.

If you wish to change size of your breasts due to one of the above reasons, you are an ideal candidate for the operation.

This procedure is carried out only on the fully formed breasts. The emotional maturity of patient and clear understanding of own causes which impel to the operation, are very important.

Also important to have realistic expectations from the procedure, the operation can bring only enhancement and not perfection. The awareness about the risks and benefits of the surgery has huge essential for patient.

Breast implants types

There are different available shapes and implant surfaces. Firstly, there are implants of round shape and anatomical shape. Their covering can be a textured surface or smooth silicon surface. The choice of the proper implant depends on several factors: surgeon preferences, patient needs, size and shape of implant. The selection of round or counter implant depends on the desired shape. As a rule, the larger the cup size, the bigger size of implant the surgeon will consider.

How should I prepare for breast augmentation surgery ?

Not allowed smoke and drink alcohol two weeks before surgery. Alcohol and smoking increase the infection and blood clots risk. Also all medications that enhance bleeding (e.g. aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs) should be taken out from use to avoid the excess bleeding. If your surgery is performed as outpatient, someone should take you from the hospital and stay with you first night following the operation.

How is a breast augmentation surgery performed ?

The surgery is normally carried out under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Anesthesia medications are introduced before surgery. The nicety of operation depends on the method you and Dr. Danielyan choose. Each operation should be adapted to the individual requirements of patient, so all cases are different and no two are alike. Used technique depends not only on preferences of Dr. Danielyan, but also on patient's desired results.

There exist three incisions types that can be used for the procedure. The first is located, just above the crease underneath the breast, the second - around the lower edge of the areola, and the third is within the armpit. After this, to insert implant the surgeon makes a pocket. The pocket can be done directly behind the breast gland either beneath the pectoral muscle located below the breast gland, or above the chest wall. Patient is moved to the recovery room after the surgery and stay there short time under close supervision.

What is the recovery time for breast augmentation ?

The recovery period takes two to three weeks. During the first week following the surgery, patient, usually, can take shower. In several days after the operation all dressings are removed. Patients can return to normal activity, but about three weeks they should shun physical contacts with breasts and weight lifting. Discoloration and bruising disappear fairly quickly, swelling falls down over a month. Keep in view that arm movement can be restricted during two - three weeks.

What are the risks associated with breast augmentation ?

The breast augmentation surgery carries risks, as any other operation. List of possible complications include changes in nipple or breast sensation, blood clots, infection, reaction on anesthesia. Capsular contracture is the most prevalent possible complication. It occurs when the rumen around the implant hardens or becomes tight or if there is extreme scar tissue around the implant.

Because of capsular contracture, which squeezes the soft implant, the breast feels heaviness. In some cases, breast implants may tear and induce a leakage in the breast. The big part of complications, such as swelling, bruising, scars and hardness, disappear with time. Before making decision about the surgery is very important have a talk about benefits and risks of the surgery with Dr. Danielyan.

How much does breast augmentation in Yerevan cost ?

Among many factors acting on the cost of the procedure, one of them is the qualification of the surgeon. The range of cost in Armenia is from 3,000$ to 6,000$ in AMD equivalent. In this amount includes the cost of implant that is about 1,000$ to 3,800$ in AMD equivalent. The surgery cost includes also expenses on operating room, anesthesia, and accommodation at the hospital.

Please keep in mind that health insurance does not cover this surgery.

At you can find the gallery of before and after pictures that help patients better understand the procedure. The breast augmentation patients may want to consider other procedures such as rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and liposuction. To learn more about breast augmentation in Armenia or contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Danielyan, please click here.