The shell of the skin and soft tissues with revision rhinoplasty

Skin and soft tissue envelope is an important anatomical detail of the nose. Understanding of its significance in revision rhinoplasty is paramount. Often times the skin and underlying soft tissues are scarred to the remaining nasal framework. This scar tissue can substitute the cartilage that was removed during the initial manipulation. Dissection must be scrupulous to avoid injury of the skin, which is often thin. In addition, one of the main distinction among primary and revision rhinoplasty is the intense inflammatory reaction seen in the nasal soft tissue that take place after revision surgery While the normal inflammatory reaction seen following primary rhinoplasty is mild, the nasal soft tissues may react in very different ways following a revision rhinoplasty. This reaction is more intensive with an increasing amount of surgeries. This can harm an otherwise nice cosmetic result. It is urgent that the procedure be fulfilled in an atraumatic and scrupulous form to exclude inflammation and scar tissue formation.