Plastic surgery of labia major and minor, in Yerevan, Armenia

Labia surgery can be separate into a functional and an aesthetic aspect. A prevalent reason for doing this is that our outer genitalia looks not nicely enough. Most prevalent query for modification is when the inner labia are bigger than outer labia and are hanging down lower these. In some cases, women can feel pain during relation, this can be a functional problem while biking or riding. Mostly the reason to have surgery is that patient does not feel comfortable with the appearance of the outer labia. Most patients want to reduce them.

After due assessment, Dr. Karen Danielyan from Arzni Aesthetica Surgicenter in Armenia will elaborate an individual treatment plan and define the best course of treatment concerning aesthetics and functional revision of your genitalia.


# Operations Amount (drams)
1 Labioplasty 250 000 - 450 000


Reduce the labia to a smaller size, is a simple procedure. This is very safe procedure that can even be performed under local anesthesia, though general anesthesia is preferable. It heals ordinarily in two weeks, but sexual activity should be avoided for 6 weeks. There is no visible scar left after this procedure.

Risk of complications are very low, and include infection and possible bleeding as in all surgical manipulations. Full sensibility recovers after two months

Even the outer (or greater) labia can be unusual big, sometimes showing through tight clothing They can be reshaped or reduced by a direct excision and the eventual small scar can be hidden against the thigh. Complications and healing are the same as for the inner labia. Though this manipulation in Yerevan, Armenia is also can be done as an ambulatory manipulation.


The surface above outer labia and clitoris is called the mons pubis. This zone also can be abnormally large and stick out through tighter clothing and may confuse you.

The treatment of this is ordinarily a small liposuction with no visible scar and a healing time of a few days. As the skin on abdomen is cut and thinned out during abdominoplasty, it can make the mons pubis more obvious if a small liposuction of this zone is not carry out with mons pubis at the same time.