Endoscopic brow lift in Yerevan, Armenia

A brow lift surgery is an operation on raising drooping eyebrows. Ordinarily, the operation accomplished together with a lower and / or an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The surgery can be complemented by usage of botulinum toxin.

When the eyebrows become reason for such problems, which can not be sufficiently solved without surgical intervention, brow lift is indicated, e.g.

  • Headaches from tiredness of the frontalis muscle

  • Problems with a field of vision

  • A cosmetic problems

Do you need eyebrow lift ?

If you have drooping and sagging brows or furrowed foreheads, you may wish consider the possibility of the brow lift surgery in Yerevan, Armenia. Frown lines and deep furrows are reduced after the procedure, but these lines never vanish totally. Brow lift frequently combines with eyelid plasty, laser skin resurfacing, facelift and other procedures for finest results. During your original consultation, be sure to talk with Dr. Danielyan about how to obtain your wished results.

How should I prepare for my brow lift procedure ?

Your doctor will give you exact instructions on how to get ready for surgery. Here are some general recommendations:

At least three weeks before operation is not allowed smoking

Follow the doctor's guidelines concerning medications and supplements that you should stop using before and directly after brow lift.

If your hairs are short, you may want regrow your hairs to camouflage postoperative scars and incisions

Day before and the morning of brow lift take shower and wash hair

What happens at surgery ?

The surgery is realized under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Dr. Danielyan makes incisions in the scalp and through these incisions elevates the brows. There are diverse techniques to raise the brow:

  • The direct

  • The transblepharoplasty

  • The endoscopic

  • The pretrichial

The choice of method depends on the patient's anatomy.

Some patients can reach the finest results using endoscopic brow lift. During the brow lift surgery, behind the hairline on the top of the head and at the temples are doing the small incisions, using an endoscope the surgeon through these incisions views all surgeon area.

In our clinic we give our preference to endoscopic brow lift, since it requires smaller incisions, has shorter rehabilitation period and commonly there is less scarring. Released forehead and brows tissues are fixated using a small bone tunnel or with an Endotine implant (which increases the cost of the procedure). To avoid the muscles action, which pulls the brows down, Botulinum toxin injections are given 2-3 weeks before the surgery.

What happens before brow lift surgery ?

You will have a preoperative meeting with your surgeon, it takes about 15-20 minutes. During the anamnesis doctor collects information about your past and present health, about any eye or facial surgeries you had in the past, including laser eye operation and any cosmetic non-operative procedures, for example, laser therapy or botox injections. It is very important provide Dr. Danielyan all information about eye problems: contact illnesses, dry eyes and other. The doctor should be informed about any used medications (including OTC products such as Diclofenac, supplements, Aspirin, Nurofen), past operations or major illnesses, your dermatological history, do you smoke or not.

Before the brow lift surgery we need to check your blood pressure, your heart and lungs will be examined by the anesthetist to determine whether general anesthetic is safe for you. May have to hand over analysis of a blood cell count or ECC. All acquired information helps detect all factors that can become potential complications during brow lift surgery and exclude them.

All questions are asked only for your own safety. Using your answers, doctor can prepare the surgery as thoroughly as possible. Please give full and honest answers. The information is totally confidential. Bring medications with you if you are not sure in the names.

If necessary to stop taking some medications, you will be informed in the time of preoperational visit. For example, aspirin-containing medicines or anticoagulants may need temporary stop using. Not allowed use any anti-inflammatory medicines e.g. Ibuprofen, Nurofen, at least two weeks before operation. These preparations contribute to excessive bleeding. If you have hypertension, your blood pressure should be carefully controlled by preparations. It is of great importance.

Please, abstain from smoking, at least half year before surgery, if possible.

What happens after a brow lift ?

Over the eyes and forehead is placed pressure dressings for about half an hour to minimize postoperative swelling, on eyelid injuries are applied an antibiotic ointment. After an hour and half instead of dressing are imposed cool packs. For bleeding prevention activity is limited 2 weeks. After an endoscopic brow lift the dressings generally are placed over night till the morning. In 10-14 days seams or staples are removed in clinic.

After discharging from the clinic, you should follow the instructions: clean the eyelids very carefully by sterile saline or cooled boiled water and 3 times at day during 2 weeks apply antibiotic ointment on eyelids. Should be avoided the direct sunlight the skin around eyes or use protective sunglasses. Makeup is undesirable at least 2 weeks. After this period, advisable use mineral makeup.

Bruising completely pass after 2-3 weeks, the bigger part of swelling subsides after 3-4 weeks, usual. But these numbers can differ for various patients. At least 3-4 months the expected final result is not observed. These time bounds should be taken into account while planning the operation. If any surgical improvements are needed after operation, you should be available. Therefore the surgery should be organized after holidays or important events.

The scars, turning into shallow white marks, inchmeal disappear. If eyelid is hidden into skin surplus, to eliminate this, an additional skin incision is required right under the brow tail.

At first 2-3 weeks after operation desirable use preservative free eye drops, necessary often use artificial tears and ointment.

Frequently is suggested use ointment every 2 hours for the first 48 hours following the operation. This leads to blurred vision. So you must not drive car during first few days.

You should sleep with head raised at 30 degrees.

Not allowed wear contact lenses for a few weeks.

What are the possible common complications of brow lift surgery ?

Dr. Danielyan is a high qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in Yerevan, Armenia, as well as his team, so complications are very uncommon; all possible preventive measurements are carried to reduce any risks of brow lift surgery.

Of course any operation carries risks, however exactly following doctor's instructions, patient himself (herself) can help avoid complications. Ask questions, if you don't understand something. Brow lift surgery risks include:

 Hair loss around the scars

  •  Large scars (rare)

  •  Failure to raise brows or furrowed brows

  •  Almost always these problems improve over time.

Complications from brow lift accomplished together within upper lid blepharoplasty may include:

Blurred or double vision for a few hours up to two days after surgery. It can be consequence of ointment that put on eyelids, used anesthetic, swelling of conjunctiva, weakening of the muscles that control eye movement. Swelling of conjunctiva disappears in a few weeks. If blurring preserves more than 48 hours, necessarily inform your doctor.

Due to irritation of the eyes and an incomplete blink, watery eyes are fairly common for the first few days.

Eye dryness may remain two-three weeks or longer. You will apply artificial tears every 1-2 hours during the day and an ointment at night. You will inchmeal reduce usage of an ointment and artificial tears until complete cessation. Since dry eyes is one of the possible complications of surgery, it is very important to solve such kind of problems before the operation.

Injury to the surface of the eyeball with constant ache. The surgeon must be informed, if the pain lasts more than a few hours

Hematoma of eyelids or behind the eyeball. A sudden hematoma behind the eyeball can lead to blindness without adequate control. This is the most serious possible complication.

Damage to the muscles that move the eyeball is a very rare complication. This is a reason of double vision, passes by itself with time.

A ptosis

Blinking the eyelids does not cover the eyeball completely. Generally lasts short time.

You may need revision surgery to correct possibly arisen problems.

How long will I stay at the hospital ?

Majority cosmetic eye lift surgeries and brow lift are day case procedures. You visit clinic in the late morning and stay till evening of the same day. Someone should stay with you within 24 hours following operation and pick you from hospital. In the case of endoscopic brow lift or if you live far from the hospital (in other city) you will stay overnight at the clinic.

You may take shower and wash hair 2 days after the operation.

Most patients return to work or school within 7-10 days. Activities which increase blood pressure, as well as running, heavy homework, sex, yoga must be restricted for several weeks. You must not be long time under sun or heat exposure in several weeks.

For more detailed information on brow lift surgery in Yerevan, Armenia, see our before and after pictures or contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Danielyan.