Are you a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty ?

The perfect candidate for this procedure is a wholesome person who is not satisfied with their prior rhinoplasty result. The timing of revision surgery should be about a year after the previous surgery. Although patients may feel forced to undergo the manipulation at an earlier time patience is a real feat here. Allowing sufficient time for the post-operative swelling to fully subside will help to avoid a surgical mistake.

The decision about having a revision rhinoplasty is a very significant and personal one. You should consult with your doctor and your family. Patients that suffer from a poor prior rhinoplasty result often feel inconvenient with the appearance of their nose. They may feel confused or insecure with themselves. For most patients that undergo the manipulation, the results are life changing. Patients declare an increase in confidence and boost in self-respect. They can become more comfortable in social settings and feel better about how they look on photograph.

The patient must have the due expectation before undergoing revision rhinoplasty. Although with modern revision rhinoplasty techniques, results are much better than in the past, there are still limitations. It is important that patient have a good understanding of what can be reached with the revision surgery. Communication betwixt the patient and the doctor must be clear. Computer Imaging can be a very important tool in helping me to communicate with the patient.

Surgeons are also humans and therefore are not ideal. Whereas most revision rhinoplasty patients relish the benefits of an improved nasal contour and profile, it is significant to remember that surgery, like all other human actions, is not irreproachable. A qualified surgeon of revision rhinoplasty in Yerevan Armenia can reach an improved nasal appearance, but may not be able to produce a perfect result in some cases. The patient must be willing to understand that betterment, and not perfection, is sometimes the end result in secondary rhinoplasty.