The Most Armenian Nose

Since 2001 plastic surgeon Karen Danielyan initiated annual "Most Armenian Nose" contest. The purpose of this action is to help all those who don’t like their nose shape, consider it incompatible with their facial features and want to change it.

Within the frameworks of the action, thousands of people have undergone surgery and became happy. This action became so popular beginning from the first year that it became well-known abroad. In November 2015, Russia's first TV channel hosted Karen Danielyan at the program <Pust Govoryat>. The participant who took the first place in the contest "The Most Armenian Nose" was also present at the show. The show was a great success and became very popular.

Those wanting participate in the action can visit our Yerevan office between May 1 and May 30. The applicants have to submit a photo with his contacts and other important information to receive a personal coupon for the contest.

The participants will receive a phone call on May 31 to get information about results.

Surgery is held at Arzni Aesthetic Surgery Center during the period June 1 - August 30.

Our winners are not randomly selected. The most sophisticated and responsible work of awarding "Most Armenian Nose" title is carried out by highly respected jury. The jury consists of plastic surgeons, artists, painters, anthropologists. Each participant's photo will be evaluated based on a personal approach. The first will go to the participant with the largest nose not suiting to the face features. The winners are selected in result of thorough negotiations.

Three prize winners are awarded.

1st place; free rhinoplasty;

2nd place - 75% discount;

3rd place - 50% discount.

We do not ignore all other participants. They all get a 25% discount for rhinoplasty irrespective of the place they won during the contest.

By the way, about 500-1000 people are undergoing surgery every year.

Nothing should stand on your way to achieve your dream. The Arzni Aesthetics Clinic will assist you in that.

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To register, call +37410 205990